Saturday, 30 June 2012

OBAMACare or OBAMination?

For many Americans, healthcare provided by the government was the 'unthinkable'.
However the unthinkable has happened, the Supreme Court has upheld the healthcare law allowing millions of American access to insurance.
Unfortunately this law has been getting alot of negative feedback (as expected). Dubbed by the Republicans as the 'bad policy' and Mitt Romney vowing to repeal the law in 2013(if he's elected!), the law does has have many beneficial outcomes for the average Joe.
These are:
-No more denial of claims after paying premiums for decades 
-No more denial of health insurance for PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS 
-Coverage for your kids until 26 years old 
-Free health checkup every 6 mopnths 
-Free preventative health screening procedures for cancer and heart like mammograms, colonoscopies etc. 
-Lower seniors' prescription-drug prices by beginning to close the donut hole. 
-No lifetime caps anymore. 
-Most policies have no annual caps
Supposedly many Americans are against the healthcare because they are not fully aware of the benefits!

Still, no law is ever perfect and the healthcare law sadly does have its disadvantage, Not as many as the critics say, but it should not be overlooked: 
Administrators, public servants and management staff will all need to be employed to administer Obamacare. Sure it will create jobs but does the U.S. government really have the money (and the credit ratings) to fund a program that could cost trillions and trillions of dollars? 

Nevertheless, even with money being a huge issue, I believe ObamaCare will benefit America rather than cripple it. Healthcare should be a person's entitlement and honestly I am surprised that it has taken the Supreme court this long  to rule ObamaCare as 'constitutional'. Regardless of who you are, rich or poor, with or without insurance; this is truly a 'victory for all Americans'.

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